Check your emotions about a specific question or situation


  1. Pick a situation that desires a clarification of your feelings.

    • What is it about?
    • What is the most important question about it?
    • Take notes if need be.
  2. Now glance over the cards without consciously focusing on any particular one. This enables you to be open to the cards that call out to you and/or resonate with you.

    Helpful hint: Emotions are contagious. If you succeed in picking the card intuitively you may get surprising insights.

  3. Study the cards that you placed in the first four spaces one after the other and ask yourself:
    “What means this card to me?”

  4. Now look at all cards together.

    • What does this mean in view of this specific situation (see 1)?
    • How does it answer my question?
  5. Think about this:

    • How would I like to feel, considering this situation?
    • or, Which monster would be helpful in this situation?
  6. Pick that card and drag it into the still blank space on the right.

  7. To process your selection and it’s meaning further click on “Continue”.
    If you like you can take a screenshot to save your selection.